This page is for all the true scaffold builders out there. The real men and women that risk their lives in order for all other crafts that cry and complain that they can’t get the job done because its unsafe.

  1. Lets get this Started, don’t be shy!

  2. mike lauman says:

    Love what yall are doin…. It’s about time we get some recognition!!! Their pay checks might be big, but our balls are huge! We bold it so they can get there!! Anywhere anytime!!!

    • Yes Sir!!! This is only the beginning their is more to come keep speaking your mind Brother and hopefully we will all be united soon. Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to pass the word around.

  3. Brand is hiring for BP Tx City Texas… Check out the latest news for more info……

  4. TxScaffoldBuilders says:

    We build it so they can get there. We build it so they can get the job done. We build it because they can’t! – TxScaffoldbuilders

  5. Juan Carlos Galvan says:

    Thanks for the link and Puro RGV scaffold builders

  6. Txscaffoldbuilders says:

    What can a welder do for her with that little stick in his hand? Nothing! What about those Pipe fitters who only know how to put two male ends together? Nothing! And those Electricians, who’s cable needs support just to stay straight you say? Nothing! But do you know what a Txscaffold Builder can do for her? We can builder an erection bigger than she has ever seen! Put it up straight and keep it up all day long! Teach her to climb on top and get a high like no other! Thats what a pure breed TxScaffold Builder can do for her! Lets see any of those other wanna be crafts prove other wise!

  7. Chapa says:

    Keep this going guys this is one good way to keep in touch and communicate about jobs all over the United states.

  8. Get them convinced, because it’s true, what you do makes a difference.

  9. Once a Scaffold Builder always a Scaffold Builder…..Not just anyone can do it!

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